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webCoRE Piston – House Averages Stored in Global Variables

I mainly only use the Lux global in my pistons but you could find it all useful, Once you have install this and the Up/Downstairs Pistons your have the following Global Variables your be able to use in your webCoRE

webCoRE Piston – Button

Here are a few basic button pistons mainly to be used for single button devices but code easily be modified to handle more buttons. The first one is just a off and on with each button press and also a

webCoRE Piston – One Button With Multiple Actions (Prefect for Cycling Through Colours)

This piston turns a one button device in SmartThings into a button that can do 4 things, something different with each button press. This was made for a client that didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on

webCoRE Piston – Lights Basic

Before I start I will explain a few things I have created two virtual switches in SmartThings one called “Guests” & the other “Lighting Automation”, The reason for this is its great to have automation throughout the house but there

The Best SmartThings Community Made App – webCoRE

Without webCoRE I would of outgrown SmartThings as without this app I wouldn’t be able to do most of what I do with SmartThings, The App is so powerful and that good the creator was recently hired by SmartThings. What