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Samsung SmartThings Outlet Discontinued? Fire Hazard? Out Of Stock Everywhere!

Now for the last 5 months its been impossible to buy a ST Outlet other than buying a ST Starter Kit which when it was £99 pounds over the Christmas period it may have been worth it, as not only

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Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Gen 3

I recently purchased two Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensors as amazon had them for £19.99 each, I opened one and noticed straight away they were different from the previous model. This third generation version has a model number of STS-IRM-251 now

webCoRE Piston – Logitech Harmony Switch & Activity Lighting

The reason for the Logitech Harmony Switch piston is to solve the problem of when you switch activities once you have removed the delay (See Here)  it doesn’t really work correctly if you have different light settings on those activities

webCoRE Piston – Lights With Logitech Harmony

Again just in case you haven’t read the Lights Basic Piston post I will explain a few things I have created two virtual switches in SmartThings one called “Guests” & the other “Lighting Automation”, The reason for this is its

Remove The Delay Between SmartThings & Logitech Harmony

The way the Logitech Harmony communicates with SmartThings is a pull method which means every 5 minutes ST pulls the information from Logitech this means if you turn on a Activity using the Logitech Remotes or SmartApp ST won’t know

All My webCoRE Pistons

Here is a list of all my pistons with a brief description of what they do! Lights Automation Basic – Light Automation using just door contact Lights Advanced  COMING SOON – Light Automation using motion and contact sensors Lights With

webCoRE Piston – Everyone Leaves

The Piston is simple it changes the mode to away and sets the Smart Home Monitor (SHM) to Armed (Away), It also turns off switches, devices and lights.  Import Code “fqw2n”.

webCoRE Piston – Someone Arrives Home

The Piston is simple changes the mode to the correct one depending on the time someone arrives home without anyone there, it also sets the Smart Home Monitor to Stay.  Import Code “dwxgt”. I have used the ST feature of modes,

webCoRE Piston – House Modes

I have used the ST feature of modes, this is a list of hub/home states by default your have Home & Away I have added to that Morning, Evening, Late and Night. To add or change modes your need to

webCoRE Piston – Upstairs Averages Stored in Global Variables

I mainly only use the Lux global in my pistons but you could find it all useful, Once you have install this and the Down/House Pistons your have the following Global Variables your be able to use in your webCoRE