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Philips Hue Outdoor Range Coming This Summer

  Philips today announced the first products to be added to its highly anticipated Philips Hue outdoor range. Extending the Philips Hue range even further, from wall mounted luminaires, to spot lighting and pillar posts, Philips Hue’s outdoor range offers

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webCoRE Piston – Logitech Harmony Switch & Activity Lighting

The reason for the Logitech Harmony Switch piston is to solve the problem of when you switch activities once you have removed the delay (See Here)  it doesn’t really work correctly if you have different light settings on those activities

Hue B Smart App – Add Groups/Rooms & Scenes to SmartThings – Remove the popcorn effect!

Around a year ago I took over development of a SmartThings App called Hue B Smart which allows you to import your Hue groups and scenes into SmartThings allowing you to have less devices in your ST App as you

Automated Lighting In The UK – UPDATED 2018

When I purchased my new house just before Christmas 2016, I knew I had to fit Philips Hue in all rooms, not only would it save money on lighting the house but the added control features inside the bulb it’s