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Knocki: Make Any Surface Smart

Update – As of Jan 2018 I still haven’t received my 3 Knocki devices, currently they should be delivered around spring I have recently backed Knocki on Kickstarter. The campaign got nearly 9,000 backers and raised 1.1M dollars. Knocki is

Z-Wave Door Bell UK For Under 50 Pounds

The currently in the UK no one sells a Zwave/Zigbee Doorbell, there is one in the US Aeotec’s Doorbell but has been pulled from the market twice last year. One of the biggest UK stockists of home automation products has the following

Automated Lighting In The UK – UPDATED 2018

When I purchased my new house just before Christmas 2016, I knew I had to fit Phillips Hue in all rooms, not only would it save money on lighting the house but the added control features inside the bulb it’s