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webCoRE Piston – Lights With Logitech Harmony

Again just in case you haven’t read the Lights Basic Piston post I will explain a few things I have created two virtual switches in SmartThings one called “Guests” & the other “Lighting Automation”, The reason for this is its

Remove The Delay Between SmartThings & Logitech Harmony

The way the Logitech Harmony communicates with SmartThings is a pull method which means every 5 minutes ST pulls the information from Logitech this means if you turn on a Activity using the Logitech Remotes or SmartApp ST won’t know

Logitech Harmony & Smartthings now works in the UK

Update – This post is old and no longer applies as Logitech Harmony has now been officially supported in the UK for over 18 months now Samsung have finally fixed the OAuth Problem for the Logitech Harmony UK Servers since SmartThings