webCoRE Piston – Lights Advanced – More Than One Door and Motion Sensors

Again if you haven’t read the Lights Basic piston post I will explain a few things I have created two virtual switches in SmartThings one called “Guests” & the other “Lighting Automation”, The reason for this is its great to have automation throughout the house but there will always be a reason to disable it. For example if have loads of friends round I turn the “Guests” switch on and the lights will no longer turn off automatically so once they have come on that it, it’s on till I turn it off manually or turn on the “Guests” switch. The switch isn’t really used that offen but I added it when I had a friend come round with a baby he was asleep in one of our rooms and didn’t want the light to come on every time someone went to check on him. To create a virtual switch you can either use the IDE to manually create one or use SwitchMania or VDM (Virtual Device Manager)

This is webCoRE Piston is for my kitchen, My kitchen has two doors one to the Dinning room, the other to the Utility Room. It also has two motion sensors one ST and one Aeotec MultiSensor 6. The ST is above the door so if the door is already open it detects me walking through, the Aeotec is to cover the rest of the kitchen plus to keep the room motion active.
For the doors I just add multiple doors to the contactDevices variable but for the two motion devices which have different time outs the kitchen Aeotec Muiltsensor 6 is set to 3 mins and the Samsung Motion Sensor is about 30 seconds so we need two motion turn offs with different lengths for flexibility, I also did this because when I did them as one variable sometimes the lights were not turning off.
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