webCoRE Piston – Logitech Harmony Switch & Activity Lighting

The reason for the Logitech Harmony Switch piston is to solve the problem of when you switch activities once you have removed the delay (See Here)  it doesn’t really work correctly if you have different light settings on those activities it’s also useful in setting up my piston webCoRE Piston – Lights With Logitech Harmony as this basically this turns on a Virtual switch which your need to create so that previous mention piston will disable the automation of the lights in that room so the piston at the bottom of this page can take over, to create a virtual switch you can either use the IDE to manually create one or use SwitchMania or VDM (Virtual Device Manager) for example I called mine Living Room Harmony Switch.

The key to this piston is when you switch activities the piston doesn’t turn off the virtual switch you just created as it waits 3 seconds before turning turning it off giving Harmony enough time to send the activity you just switched to and not turn it off. Import Code “ccmb”

How we have solved that we can get on with controlling lights depending on conditions and the activity, I have Phillips Hue Light strip behind my TV and 3 lights in my living room two of which are lamps. Here are some photos

One with lamps

The Piston
When the Virtual switch you created gets turned on and one of the activities is on so we can store switch device is on.
Then some of the activities turn on the TV Lights to one colour and other activities another colour. The Lamps then get turned on if the downstairs global variable Lux average is below a level, (Setting up global variables see House, Down or Up) it turns on the lights.
How if the Living Room switch turns off it turns of the TV Lights and turns on the living room lights to the correct level depending on the current mode of the home. It also turns on the hallway lights as most of the time if my family turns off the TV we are going out or off upstairs to bed. Import Code “ufr5g”

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