All My webCoRE Pistons

Here is a list of all my pistons with a brief description of what they do!

Lights Automation Basic – Light Automation using just door contact
Lights Automation Advanced – Light Automation using motion and contact sensors
Lights With Logitech Harmony – Light Automation that changes if depending on Logitech Harmony state
Logitech Harmony – With changes to your Harmony setup we can remove the delay between ST & Harmony
Logitech Harmony Lights – Now we have no delay between ST & Harmony we have have different light setup depending on Lux and/or Harmony Activity
Modes – This switches modes
Someone Arrives – This changes to the correct mode when someone arrives home
Everyone Leaves – This changes mode to away once everyone leaves
Arrival Lights  COMING SOON – This turns on lights depending on conditions when someone arrives

Door Bell Notification COMING SOON – This along with a raspberry pi can email you when a door bell is pressed

Basic Button (With Held Option) – A few simple pistons for a single button devices
One Button Turned Into a 4 Button – Make a single button device do more

House Averages – Creates a global variables for the the average Temperature, Humidity and illuminance
Downstairs Averages – Same as “House Averages” but with the global names changes to down
Upstairs Averages – Same as “House Averages” but with the global names change to up

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