Remove The Delay Between SmartThings & Logitech Harmony

The way the Logitech Harmony communicates with SmartThings is a pull method which means every 5 minutes ST pulls the information from Logitech this means if you turn on a Activity using the Logitech Remotes or SmartApp ST won’t know about it for up to 5 minutes.  This means using ST to react to Logitech activity’s useless, Logitech does provide Hue integration if thats they smart lighting system you use but its also very limited its either all the time or at set times which is rather limited.
Logitech can connect the other way so we can make Logitech turn on stuff in ST when activities start. So if we turn on the match Logitech Switch in ST we will have little to no delay.

This is an example my activity is called Cable on Logitech Harmony and Living Room Cable on SmartThings, So we need make Harmony turn on Living Room Cable when that activity starts and off when the then activity stops.
You will need to use the Harmony App and Go into the menu > Harmony Setup> Add/Edit Devices & Activities
Your need to setup ST ingratiation first if you haven’t already this is in devices, Add Device > Home Control > Samsung SmartThings

If you have already set this up, SmartThings will appear in your devices, you may have to add your Harmony Devices as you didn’t before to do this press Re-Login

Once you have setup the SmartThings ingratiation you now need to go though all your activities adding the ST switch to each, continuing with cable as our example.

Select a activity, you will then need to edit the start and end sequences

As you can see Living Room Cable is set to turn on in the start sequence, to do this press the Edit Home Control as the very bottom

And this is the end sequence

Now you can do anything you want when a activity starts or ends without delay, there is a issue though when switching activities I have a piston to solve this available here COMING SOON.

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