Nest & Samsung SmartThings – 2018

In my original post back in 2016 I explained that Nest didn’t officially support SmartThings and it was a community made device handler that made it work. Well I would love to say two years later there is now a official way to connect to SmartThings, but I’m afraid it’s still not the case but a another  community based App & Device Handlers took over which also brings Nest Protects & Camera’s to SmartThings.
For more information about NST Manager go to there wiki page which explains everything you need to know. It has become harder to setup as Nest haven’t been a great help to the creator so you now also have to sign up to be a Nest developer to be able to setup NST Manager, for more information on that see this PDF. I have my Nest Thermostat & two Nest Protects connected to SmartThings this way and it works great, In my eyes it’s in the top 5 most important community made App.

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