Enable UK SmartThings IDE GitHub Integration

GitHub Integration isn’t officially supported in the UK so there’s no button to press to enable it but someone worked out the link needed to enable it. Why would you want this? It allows installing new Smart Apps and Device Handlers within seconds and makes updating apps only a couple of clicks. Plus you can see from the IDE if your apps or device handlers are out of date rather than having to check GitHub or the ST community if there has been updates.

Your need to create a account for GitHub before we continue.

Once you have logged into SmartThings IDE go to the following Click Here
or paste the following into your browser https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/githubAuth/step1

You will see the following press the green “Authorize Application” button or “Next

Login with your GitHib information

Press the “Forkthe SmartThings …” text which should open a window

To the following page, now press Fork

For about a minute this page will appear

Once the page has finished forking, you can return to the IDE page and press “Next” you have now enabled GitHub integration


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