Hue B Smart App – Add Groups/Rooms & Scenes to SmartThings – Remove the popcorn effect!

Around a year ago I took over development of a SmartThings App called Hue B Smart which allows you to import your Hue groups and scenes into SmartThings allowing you to have less devices in your ST App as you wont need every bulb added but also remove the popcorn effect when turning on loads of single lights at the same time using ST.
Now this is a worst case but shows you how bad it can be.

Before we continue I must say that to install the Hue B Smart app your will have to remove all your current Hue devices and app from SmartThings, I know that this can look like a huge task as you will have to add all your devices back into you ST apps once they have been installed using Hue B Smart. But you will have less devices to add back as your now be able to just add the group.

To Install
You can manually install by using the code available here you will need to install the app and all device handlers
If you have GitHub enabled you can use

Owner: tmleafs
Name:  Hue_B_Smart
Branch: master

Hue White Ambiance – Group & Light

Hue Lux – Group & Light


Hue Colour – Group & Light


Hue Scene & Hue Bridge

Hue Lights & Group Configure Page

Hue B Smart App

It is not required, nor necessary to donate to use this SmartApp.
This is a free open source software, That I have taken over development as no one else did. But if you feel like it, you can donate here.

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