SmartThings Life360 – With Added Refresh Command & More

Around a year ago I modified the official Life 360 App & Device Handler to add a refresh button so if Life360 didn’t update correctly a quick press of the refresh button and Life360 updates the status of all your Life360 devices.
A few weeks ago a user on the ST community called btrial added

  • Distance from your chosen place in Miles or KM (can be used in webCore)
  • User can change display of distance to either Miles or KM in the configure page
  • Sleep / awake status (can be used in webCore)
  • Last location update date/time

Install – Very Important
If you already have Life360 installed ,even though the code is the same as the official Life360 you cant just install this code and expect it to work, SmartThings will just continue to use the official code. You will have to completely remove the Official App and Devices before you can install using this code & enable OAuth.
If you haven’t already setup Life360 on SmartThings then just install the App & Device Handler available here and enable OAuth on the app

If you have GitHub enabled you can use

Owner: tmleafs
Name: life360-smartthings-refresh
Branch: master

Life360 – In Km Or Miles


Life360 – Configure Page


Now the idea is to use webCore to monitor the Life360 for inconsistencies for example comparing the Life360 presence to SmartThings presence sensor and then fire the refresh if needed for example
You can import this using the code nt4v














If you don’t have a another presence sensor to compare to you could fire the refresh every day at set times for example just after you know you leave for work

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