Knocki: Make Any Surface Smart

Update – As of Jan 2018 I still haven’t received my 3 Knocki devices, currently they should be delivered around spring

I have recently backed Knocki on Kickstarter. The campaign got nearly 9,000 backers and raised 1.1M dollars.

Knocki is a small wireless device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, countertops, & more) into powerful yet easy to access remotes for your favorite devices and software.

It’s compatible with all the top IoT
8010c8acc8f5bda810b52904acccc710_originalTheir 1M dollar stretch goal unlocked the API so the possibilities are going to be endless.

My main reasons for backing is to reduce the use/need of a mobile or tablet to execute home automation tasks. I backed the 3 Knocki kit with one going under my coffee table in the living room to be able to turn control the TV and Lights in that room, one in the kitchen to be able to control music and again lights from the kitchen worktop. The third I currently don’t have any plans for and will decide when I receive them around christmas time but if it’s anything like the Neeo Remote I backed I wont be getting my hopes up for a christmas present. I have applied for the alpha program to be a tester so I could get it earlier we will have to wait and see a full review will be done when I have received them.

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