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As of Jan 2018 I haven’t seen this in stock anywhere for over 6 months

I purchased Loop Energy Saver before I got the keys to the new house and was one of the first things I did on completion day as I wasn’t moving in on that day and don’t plan too till near the end of march so there wasn’t much else too do. I got both from B&Q for 50 pounds delivered. I went with the Loop as it seemed the best at what I need it to do I did look at much more expensive Z-Wave devices but there wasn’t really any added benefit as your not going to start automatically turn devices off or getting a notification your using too much.

The setup is easy you go to the Loop website and click setup and follow the instructions and within a few minutes you should be able to see your real time usage of electric. Gas is a bit harder to setup up well they say that but mine worked first time you have to place the sensor on your gas meter and turn your heating on for 30 minutes, after which loop will let you know if its working, if not your have to move the placement of the sensor and try again. Electric is realtime but gas it’s on a 15 minute delay.

Summary Loop Energy Saver

I just wanted to be able to track our usage and see if we can make changes over time, Over the last two weeks of being in the house slowly changing the 50/60 Watt light bulbs to Phillips Hue White which use 9.5 Watts at full brightness. It was easy to see the difference it was making on the RealTime Loop page.

Currently as the house is not being lived in the energy used when we are not there is under 10 watts as only the hubs and a fridge. Explore Loop Energy Saver
You can show a graph for year, 6 months, 3 months, Week and day. You can compare your electricity usage to your gas, other users or yourself. There’s a CSV export for both so you can analyse data the data how ever you want.

You can set weekly goals and/or budgets to help you try and save money and the planet, as it gives you a CO2 total each week. After its gathered enough data (around 30 days) it will offer alternative energy providers that should save you money but this is only useful if your no longer in contract.

The device is made by a UK company called Navetas there are rumours that they are making a water sensor which I hope they are but its not going to be cheap as you might need to get a plumber in to install it.

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  1. The company seems to have stopped posting online and there has been no stock on their webshop, B&Q or Amazon available for ages. Does your Loop still work (i.e. is the website side of things alive)?

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