ActionTiles, your home has a home page! – UPDATED 2018

UPDATE 2018 – SmartTiles no longer exists as it’s been replaced with ActionTiles which I’m afraid isn’t free but at the time of writing (Jan 2018) its $28.99 US for a lifetime licence which is a bargain and have definitely got my money’s worth over the last 18 months since it became a paid app

ActionTiles is a website that is fully customizable, of which can display all your devices form SmartThings in a useful way, Once installed you can create pages which can be used for different devices Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops with different resolutions or if you have loads of devices you can create links between pages. The best part you don’t need a server or anything it all runs from your hub/cloud. You can also add CCTV Camera’s that are not supported by SmartThings if they support MJPEG Video Stream.

An example using the default Metro theme


The main reason this was created was for old tablets to be mounted on walls displaying the house information in the most user friendly way, this may get those Wifes that are on the fence with home automation to see the light! The next reason is once you have added over 20 devices to SmartThings using the Samsung Mobile App just becomes annoying for example I was renaming devices (things like hue bridges, harmony hubs) so they started with a Z so they appeared at the bottom of the device list but this still didn’t help once I got to over 50 devices and I haven’t finished yet adding it will become a complete mess. I tried to use the the Rooms method of finding devices but I either forget as I’m so use to going to the full list or it isn’t any faster.

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I used a old nexus 7 and along with a app called Fully Kiosk Browser & App Lockdown which allows a full screen browser with motion detection, it has a huge amount of features, there’s a list on there website it is free but there will be a text overlay saying to purchase the full version which is currently 4.90 EUR per device. Here is my Nexus 7 in the kitchen using a amazon basic’s stand which currently is £6.99.

So ActionTiles taught me something I didn’t know I could do on my android phone it also works for iPhones too, you goto the ActionTiles link the app gives you and do the following

Mobile Native App (Android and iOS)
To install SmartTiles as a native app, open the URL in Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android device, then add shortcut to the home screen. When the shortcut icon is tapped, the dashboard launches as a full screen native application (without tool bars).

For more information see the ActionTiles Website

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