Z-Wave Door Bell UK For Under 50 Pounds

The currently in the UK no one sells a Zwave/Zigbee Doorbell, there is one in the US Aeotec’s Doorbell but has been pulled from the market twice last year.
One of the biggest UK stockists of home automation products vesternet.com has the following in there FAQ page

Do you sell a Z-Wave enabled door bell / chime?

Unfortunately this isn’t a product that we sell – we know that a few different manufacturers make these, but we’ve heard that the feedback from users has been poor. We have therefore taken the decision not to stock them.

Well my new house that I’m in the process of moving into didn’t have a door bell at all so I needed to start looking for a door bell that had a LED that would flash when the door bell went off. So I went to wiko’s and paid 17.99 for a Wireless Battery Door Bell as I don’t want to waste a plug socket on a door bell. Right the reason we need the LED is so we can use it as a binary input which is where the Fibaro FGK-101 Door and Window Sensor I have seen it as slow as £30 but seems to average around £35.

The Fibaro FGK-101 is a 3in1 device that can be used as a Window and Door sensor as the name suggests but also a binary switch or temperature sensor (Note you need to buy the temperature sensor and connect it). The only annoying thing is you cant use more than one at a time so the only real selling point other than binary input is for using it as a door or window sensor as it comes in 7 different colours so it can match your doors or windows if you don’t have white other wise you should just buy the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor as its cheaper and does temperature and loads more at the same time.

Back on to the subject of making a Z-Wave Door Bell I got back home with the Wiko door bell to find the LED didn’t flash when the button was pressed after reading the manual the LED was a low battery warning light why would you need that I really don’t know as the device will start sounding flat or one would guess try changing the batteries if it wasn’t working. I starting looking online and found 1byone Premium Portable Waterproof Wireless Doorbell for ££8.99 Delivered (I have Amazon Prime best 79 pounds per year your ever spend) also available in black for £11.99 the feature I was looking for “Sound and Flash, gives you a visual form of notification (an excellent feature for the hearing impaired)”.



Now to join the Fibaro FGK-101 Door and Window Sensor to Samsung SmartThings you need to take the battery out, Start a search for new devices using the App, Put the battery back in and press the TMP button inside the device three times very quick.

www.fibaro.com files instrukcje eng DoorWindowSensor FGK 101 107 ENG_v21 v23.pdf

Note as SmartThings sees it as a Window/Door Sensor it will be added to the Smart Home Monitor as the device that is open at all times it will moan like crazy that there’s an intruder just go though the Setup again deselecting the Door Bell.

Setup The Custom Door Bell App

  1. Go to: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps and click on “New SmartApp”
  2. Click “From Code”
  3. Copy & Paste the code from this link https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tmleafs/smartthingsdoorbell/master/smartapp.doorbell
    Will look like the following
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Create”
  5. Click “Publish” > “For Me”
  6. Now open SmartThings on you mobile or tablet device
  7. Go to the Marketplace > SmartApps >At the bottom your see My AppsScreenshot_2016-02-17-20-56-08
  8. Select “Door Bell App”
  9. Fill the App settings in should look like something like below
  10. Press Done
  11. Press your door bell to see if it works should get the following Notification



27 comments on “Z-Wave Door Bell UK For Under 50 Pounds
  1. Ajay Bhadresa says:

    Hi there,

    Looks great! Do you have more information with regards to the wiring?

    • Steve says:

      I have updated the post with photos of the wiring I have made it a bit more complicated than it needs, I will draw it out to make it easier sometime next week.

      I have also made a custom app due to the the door bell LED flashing 4 times on one button press the App only allows 1 Notification every 15 seconds the button is pressed.

      Any more questions or help needed let me know

  2. Shane says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while but couldn’t find an appropriate bell with the led. I ordered the same 1byone based on your post, good find! I’m using a vision door sensor (http://www.vesternet.com/downloads/dl/file/id/97/z_wave_vision_door_window_sensor_manual.pdf) not the fibaro but I’m hoping it should work the same.
    In another guide I read, the led wires went direct in to the dry contact on the sensor. This is what I tried to do but it does not appear to work. Someone has suggested that you replaced the led with a transistor and this then goes to the dry contact.
    Could you elaborate on this part of the build? I would love to get this working..

    Many thanks

  3. Shane says:

    Great thanks, appreciated

  4. Shane says:

    Thats great, thanks for that. Got a couple of components to go order.. So the negative from the led doesn’t need to go anywhere? I know very little about electronics sorry, can you explain the ground connection between the batteries?

    Thanks again

    • Steve says:

      To be honest so am I, I’m just lucky to work with a few people that know everything.

      The contact sensor is a binary input basically when a circuit is made its closed you cant put any voltage down the binary input as it will either fry it or just wont work. A BC184 or equivalent transistor opens a circuit if the the middle pin detects a current.

      I will get the person who designed the circuit to explain the reason for the ground tomorrow.

  5. Shane says:

    Ah ok, starting to make a lot more sense. One thing, I ordered 10K Ohm 0.5W 1/2W Carbon Film resistor. Is this unsuitable?

  6. Shane says:


    Got my components, wired it all up, no joy. Realised I misread your explanation. I was wiring the led + (red) cable to the resistor and then to the transistor, whereas I believe I should have essentially replaced the led with the resistor and wired from the top of the led + terminal to the transistor (you might confirm if this is correct) In any case, I made this correction, still nothing! very frustrating..
    I don’t expect you to be able to tell me what the problem is of course any there’s every chance I damaged something somewhere along the way but if by any chance there’s something obvious you think I might have missed, Id really appreciate it.

    Many thanks (again)

  7. Steve says:

    Hi Shane

    Sorry for not getting back sooner. Any chance you can email photos of what you have done to dale(DOT)steven(DOT)gmail(DOT)com.

    Cheers steve

  8. Shaun Reinson says:

    Great idea, and I have the kit – but which connections did you use on the Fibaro ?

    I can see from the pictures, that you’ve used the ‘IN’ (on red cable) going to the transistor, and the GND(on black cable) going to the transistor as well – which will register as a connection when the LED comes on and passes the current to the remaining post on the Transistor.

    But you’ve also got another GND connection, (on black cable) going to the battery but coming from whereabouts on the Fibaro ?

    It looks like its going to the TP(VDQ) terminal, but I thought it was just supposed to be the Fibaro batter ground ??

    Any advice would be great.


  9. Jon says:

    Hi, As the GND terminal connector on the Fibaro seems to be directly connected to the negative battery connector on the Fibaro (according to my multimeter) I take it I could actually connect the negative battery from the doorbell straight to the pin on the transistor that connects to the GND on the fibaro? This way if the transistor is housed in the doorbell unit only 2 wires would be required between the two devices.

  10. Matt says:

    Hi Steve,

    I just tried to create the smart app and after clicking create, I get a huge error. I’d paste it here but it’s pretty long. Has something changed to stop it working?


  11. John Neal says:

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for all the information. I have ordered the doorbell and the Fibaro FGK103 sensor. I have also ordered the DS 18B29 temperature sensor.

    Ok I have a problem with adding a new smartApp.
    When I click from code and paste the link and click create I get this error at the top of the page in red:

    startup failed: script1483650714712726364643.groovy: 1: unexpected token: @ line 1, column 87. rbell/master/smartapp.doorbell ^ 1 error

    And so I cannot get any further and publish > for me

    Any ideas ?

    Many thanks


    • Steve says:

      Hi John

      I have updated the code and should now work, sorry about that

      You wont be able to use the Fibaro FGK103 sensor binary input and use the temperature sensor at the same time I’m afraid, as they use they same terminals.


      • John Neal says:

        Hi Steve

        Thanks for the info on the temp sensor oh shame .
        Anyway tried again and same result

        startup failed: script1483666808719726364643.groovy: 1: unexpected token: @ line 1, column 87. rbell/master/smartapp.doorbell ^ 1 error

        I am new to this and signed up to GitHub to see if that made a difference but no lol

        I also hit the enter key after pasting the link but still an error.



        startup failed: script1483666808719726364643.groovy: 1: unexpected token: @ line 1, column 87. rbell/master/smartapp.doorbell ^ 1 error

        • Steve says:

          Looks like smartthings have made changes to the description requirements recently.
          I have just updated the code again and have tested it and it now works

          Just to confirm you are copying the code from the here and not just pasting just the URL?

          • John Neal says:

            HI Steve

            Many thanks it works and now have the smartApp
            Will modify the bell in the next few days and have a sonos Play 1 arriving next week and maybe make use of that as well when triggered.

            Having great fun and thanks so much for all your help.

  12. Andy Russell says:

    Steve, Thanks for this howto. I used a Byron BY503 wireless door bell I already had & a FGK-101 which are now around £42. Works brilliantly with your app.

  13. Jon Hewitt says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for this – I’ve got it working with the same doorbell you demonstrated. I’ve also modified your SmartApp to enable Pushover alerts as well, borrowing code from here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/pushover-notifications-using-http/518.

    Regards and thanks again,


  14. Tommy says:

    This is excellent, thank you.

    I’ve hit one snag with the final step however, when I try enable the skull it’s asking me for the required field ‘Where’ but doesn’t give me options to select?


  15. Gerry Dixon says:

    The link for the code for your zwave cheap doorbell alert no longer works

    Can you send/post the code.
    Or do you have a better solution now??

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